Summer Reading: ‘A Walk in the Woods’

A Walk In The Woods

RECOMMENDED: A Walk in the Woods: Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail by Bill Bryson


Good travelogues fall into two categories for me: those that spark a sense of adventure or curiosity, a general urge to explore or learn more, and those that crack my heart wide open, forever changing the way I see the world.

Bill Bryson’s “A Walk in the Woods” is among my tried-and-true world-changing heart-crackers, for sure.

It’s my favorite Bryson book to date, one packed with his trademark wit and research, demonstrating a journey that is very much its own destination. We get to imagine North America in its raw, uncolonized state, marveling at its breadth of natural wonders — only to be reminded that the Appalachian Trail still exists, those rare plants still grow, that we can actually experience it if we have the initiative and the knee health.

A thru-hike is on my bucket-list. Perhaps I should put a goal on the calendar while my joints still have range?

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