Double Feature Friday: Parkour + Prancercise (Video)

Double Feature Friday 2

Walking isn’t just moseying, and it isn’t just 7-year odyssey-ing. It’s so much more than putting one foot in front of the other. Sometimes it’s downright dangerous. And sometimes it’s downright spectacular. Tonight’s double feature gives you get a little bit of both.

Parkour (aka PK) is sorta like Freerunning — but not at all like Freewalking (see below).

It’s the decades-old art of moving really fast from A to B, turning obstacles into props for superhuman feats, all while looking graceful and cool.

If you think you, too, might be able to do those things with your body, American Parkour has tips on how to get started. (Tip 1: Roll around on your living room carpet.)

If it all seems a little extreme to you, perhaps you’re more of a freewalker.

Freewalking is a little bit closer to Joanna Rohrback’s mode of movement in the video below — though I suspect Ms. Rohrback is too much her own special snowflake to fit into a Freewalker’s box. She’s a Prancerciser. She Prancercises. As creator of Prancercise (LLC), she invented the moves. That’s probably why she’s so good at it. Damn, girl. Prance for your life.

** (I must credit Michael K of Dlisted for bringing Joanna into my life. Thank you, MK. I do not know you, but I value you lots.)

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