Sunday Funday Crossword Puzzle

Because weekends are for leisure (let’s be fancy and pronounce it lehshah), I like to start Sundays off with something fun and also a piece of chocolate. I may not be able to deliver you Godiva, but I can bring you a Sunday Funday game/joke/craft/puzzle/activity.

Here’s a much-more-solvable-than-the-one-in-the-Times crossword puzzle to start us off. Hint: Many of the words come from posts on this blog.

Happy Sunday!

puzzle crop

2. short for Chicago’s bus/train system
3. settler or explorer, among the first in a new place
6. site of Montana underground city
7. love of graveyards
10. Joanna Rohrback’s fitness regimen (LLC)
13. type of homesickness felt at home
14. explorer, Meriwether
15. headwaters of a river
16. vehicle that digs

1. to move from one region to another
2. person who makes maps
3. grassland ecosystem of the US central plains
4. entrance to a mine
5. On the Road hero
8. garden of God
9. study of landforms and their creation
11. intentional community with shared resources
12. outdoor walk, often in mountainous terrain

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