OCD Conclusion: New Hiking Boots

shoes 2
Bora GTX mid hiking boot by Lowa

As much as I’d like to think I don’t put much energy into stuff, I guess it’s fair to say that sometimes I get a little … how do I say … obsessive (?) about finding a particular thing when I know the particular thing just HAS to be out there. I’m suddenly hunting for treasure — preferably on-sale treasure — like the embroidered canvas floor covering of a paint-by-numbers rural scenescape underneath my feet in the photo above, for example, that was clearly the thing I’d been tirelessly hunting down for months, even though I didn’t realize it was The Thing until I finally found it wadded up in the bottom of a sale bin mere days before moving into an apartment with a questionable carpet situation  …

Red Barn Rug (based on paint-by-numbers design by Trey Speegle)
Red Barn Rug (based on paint-by-numbers design by Trey Speegle)

… but I digress.

This spring/summer, I let hiking boots be my object of fixation. Solid trail runners generally do the trick, but I’ve been on the lookout for a water-resistant alternative with more ankle support, something slightly more rugged without crossing into heavy-workboot territory. After much research and many rounds of try-ons, I am pleased to report the conclusion to my hunt for durable, comfortable, breathable and affordable new hiking boots: the Bora GTX QC mid by Lowa.

shoes front

The catch: I believe this model is being discontinued, which is why they were on significant sale … and probably still will be until they’re long gone. (For narrowish-footed folks willing to pay full price, Lowa also offers unendangered options in their reliable line of high-quality hikers.)

I did add the Signature EV Ultra insoles by Sole for arch support and a bit of cushioning, which makes them incredibly comfortable — though I’ll note that I’ve only tried them out in fairly unremarkable conditions. I’ll update if anything changes when I get to slippery, craggy terrain, but so far, for this Walker, they are a shining example of OCD gone right.

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