Winter Listening: Harry Nilsson, ‘The Point’

Harry Nilsson, The Point

Gather ’round the record player, it’s Harry Nilsson story hour…

This album is, without question, an absolute favorite. I remember the whole family piling in the living room to listen to the record, start to finish, rooting for Oblio and his Arrow in their quest for community, belonging and points. So many points.

Last night, my parents and I were debating ideal names for a hypothetical new puppy (Asta or Arrow: tough call), which led to a discussion of Poli High, which led to an impromptu screening of the animated film version of Harry Nilsson’s trippy fable, “The Point,” narrated by Ringo Starr. The story is as skywalky as it gets, what with that journey into the Pointless Forest, those messages in nature, Nilsson’s reliance on place as a narrative device. The Land of Point changes when Oblio experiences truth in the world at large. Points everywhere and nowhere: This is the point.

Below, a very favorite clip of a very favorite song, “Think About Your Troubles.” Or watch the whole thing below that.

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