Kite Season: Jacob Hashimoto / Flashback to Chicago

While in L.A. a few weeks ago, my friend Neven and I took shelter under a kite canopy, courtesy of Jacob Hashimoto, whose installation, Gas Giant, currently holds court at MOCA-Pacific Design Center.

from Jacob Hashimoto's Gas Giant
from Jacob Hashimoto’s Gas Giant

The artist’s website explains:

“[‘Gas Giant’] is composed of cube-shaped kites in colorful groupings that hang from the ceiling of the large gallery space. Nature is alluded to in this work as well as a drifting, gravity-less cloud of land mixes with imagery of sky. Simultaneously controlled yet loose, violent yet stayed, the installation conveys the powerful and overwhelming sensation of watching a natural phenomenon while simultaneously illustrating the subjective nature of memory and the elements which conjure it.”


A few photos for scale (click to enlarge):

Anyhoo, I was reminded of a nice surprise—almost a year ago to the day—when I happened upon the Chicago Kite Festival without having known said festival exists. The sky looked like a toddler’s playroom in peak multitask mode.

Wild. Messy. Fun.

In other words, my kind of sky.

Click here for a make-your-own-kite tutorial, courtesy of National Geographic. Happy flying.

blue kite


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