Roving Sketchbook: ‘Analog Artist in a Digital World’


Analog Artist Digital World
illustration by Thomas Thorspecken of Analogue Artist Digital World (I’m on the left, in black)

I was recently reminded of a remarkable artist whose method embodies the very spirit of investigative living. His name is Thomas Thorspecken, and from what I gleaned during my time in Florida, he is no less than the Eye of Orlando—a sketchbook-toting documentarian coloring valuable snapshots of life in the city. Surveying his blog, Analog Artist | Digital World, you can experience festivals and fairs, concerts and lectures, classes and gatherings and Sunday afternoon—oodles of impressions and images with nary a mention of mouse ears or magic kingdoms.

On his site, Thorspecken emphasizes that “[the] city has much more to offer than theme parks.” His blog, he writes, is a way “to finally put down some roots, to become part of a community one sketch at a time.”

I was lucky enough to be granted the Thomas Thorspecken experience during a M.A.D. About Words workshop I led in Orlando this past fall. I somehow missed the blog post he published shortly thereafter, but here’s the link to his Story Hunting critique, should you need a digital starting point. It seems Thorspecken writes with the same stealth ease that makes his sketchwork so natural and inconspicuous.

I like your style, analog guy.

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